Our recipe

We merge flavors, seasonal and local ingredients from the island of Mallorca with inspiration from our cultural.We focus on no-nonsense food, pure and honest. Specialized degree in otherness as other healthy ingredients, mixing peculiar textures and flavors together nicely, and create innovative dishes and comfort food.

The icing on the cake is sweet, local churros, cakes or other treats, a treat of ice tapas prepared in nitrogen. The best ending is something sweet. Then enjoy a perfectly prepared cocktail ingenious or gin and tonic, from old classics to new flavors and infusions.

We smoke, serve, shaking, stirring, mixing, grilling, melt and merge with love and only for you.

Ice tapas


New and unique in Mallorca, cooking in nitrogen
Ice tapas in nitrogen, different fruits with various dippings which you can prepare in the nitrogen causing a cold delicious taste sensation! Nice on a hot summer day ……

Allergies & Vegetarian

Do you have allergies and / or diet, we will help you. All our products are fresh and made a la minute, which means that if possible we can adapt the dishes to your liking. We can serve a gluten-free pizza and enjoy a glass of gluten-free beer.

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